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In Our Community

Being a family-owned and operated business for more than 65 years-- at French Bros., we understand the meaning of home and how important it is to have a strong community. That being said, we support many local businesses, schools, and charities in the Bay Area by donating materials, recycling leftover products, and providing job opportunities to local high school students. Shopping with us means not only will you have a phenomenal experience, but you will also help to promote community growth in the Bay Area by conserving energy, reducing the need for long-term transportation, and the use of excess packaging. Not to mention, it will also put your taxes to good use! Keep your money where your heart is. Shop local. Shop with us. We love what we do and we would love to help you find the perfect floors for your next project. Give us a call today.

Below are the local businesses, schools, and charities we support. Click on each one of the pictures below to learn about how you can help your community as well.

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We love to give back and support our communities where we can. We have strong ties to the San Francisco and Oakland communities. We have happily donated and worked with Habitat for Humanity and most recently donated carpet squares for the children at YouthSF. We continually partner with Cristo Rey De La Salle to have students work with our Oakland team every school year.  Your support of French Bros. allows us to continually give back and support these organizations.

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