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What It Is:
Neutralize Pro is a great new way to protect what's important to you from bacteria, germs, and pathogens. It also helps to eliminate the smells of pet odor that soaked into the subfloor! Neutralize is a CCA exclusive installation system that provides you with the cleanest and healthiest installation available.

What It Eliminates:

  • Fights the odor of pet urine in the subfloor

  • EPA approved for fighting the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew

  • Helps improve allergies caused by moldy rooms

  • EPA approved for fighting COVID-19

How To Get Scheduled?
Give us a call at (510)444-5244 or send us an email at

The 4 Steps From The Installer:

1. Remove old floor and HEPA vacuum the subfloor
2. Mix concentrated HealthinEx™ with water and spray evenly on Subfloor – Let sit to dry for 10 minutes
3. Install new floor and HEPA Vacuum
4. Spray the new floor with VitalOxide™ disinfectant


What are HealthinEx and VitalOxide, the treatments used in Neutralize?
​     ->HealthinEx is an anti-microbial treatment applied to the subfloor which fights the growth of mold & mildew      under the new floor and VitalOxide is a hospital-grade disinfectant applied to the new floor to kill any germs or pathogens on the new floor. VitalOxide is also approved by the EPA in the fight against COVID-19.


Are HealthinEx and VitalOxide safe to use in homes around kids and pets?
     ->Yes, both meet all EPA standards for use in your customer's homes, around their kids and pets. HealthinEx is only applied to the subfloor so your customers will never come in contact with it. VitalOxide, which is applied to the new floor, is rated by the EPA as a “no-rinse required on food contact surfaces” category D2 disinfectant, indicating it is safe to use in places where people, and even their food, may come in contact without needing to rinse the area.


Can it be used on hard and soft surfaces?
     ->Yes!​ But not on Wool Carpets


Does the VitalOxide treatment leave any kind of residue on the new floor?
     ->VitalOxide will not leave a residue on soft surface flooring. When applying VitalOxide on hard surface floors a fine-mist spray tip is required to ensure even application without residue. You may need to use a dry mop in the event of heavy application. In some cases, it is recommended that you use a spray mop to apply VitalOxide.


Does the Neutralize treatment leave any kind of smell?
     ->The VitalOxide treatment has a subtle smell of citrus that may last for an hour or two after application


How long does the protection from Neutralize last?
     ->Neutralize offers protection from mold and mildew for up to 3 months. VitalOxide kills viruses on contact.

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