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Buff | Stock #21

  • Soft, plush, and resilient for most home activities.

  • Designed for residential installation

  • Made with 100% PureColor Solution Dyed BCF Polyester

  • For residential installation

  • Made in the U.S.A

  • Product professionally installed, schedule a measure to start


  • Stain: Lifetime

  • Wear: 15 year

  • Defects:15 year

  • Fade: Lifetime

  • Soil: 15 year

  • Retention: 15 year

  • Pet Urine: Lifetime


  • This product does not need special equipment or cleaning products but should be vacuumed frequently and all spills should be removed promptly with water and white absorbent cloth. Periodic maintenance can be done (as needed or 12-18 months) using machine such as a carpet cleaner

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Product Specs​​​
  • Fiber: Polyester

  • Fiber Content: 100 % PureColor Solution Dyed BCF Polyester

  • Face Weight: 40ozs/yd2

  • Total Weight: 70ozs/yd2

  • Dye Method: Solution Dyed

  • Carpet Type: Textured

  • Width:12ft

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